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Keith Curtis has delivered a fantastic rendition of Erisa. I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product. I hope you all are as well. Students of the Sword & Sorcery Genre may recognize some of the names of places and regions, a loving tribute if you will. I'm having a great deal of fun with this and I'm very excited. New areas were added, as were new cities and nations. All of the new stuff will be addressed in the gazetteer section of the Legends of Steel Campaign Book -Savage Worlds Edition.
Work on the cover is going strong, I recieved some rough drafts from Jeremy, and provided him with feedback. Everyone here who has seen the drafts loved them. I Spoke with James at Heyoka Studios and we are really hoping for a late October release.
Back to work!


Bigger! Bigger! :)

That's hot!

Also, is this a change that you are now calling it Legends of Steel? I thought it was going to be World of Broadsword.

Olman, Jeff's game was always called "Legends of Steel" ... he's been working on it for years. "Broadsword" and "World of Broadsword" was a distilling, if you will, of his bigger material down into the smaller 1PG format.

heyoka, I'm aware of the history. Broadsword is actually the larger campaign setting for Legends of Steel. I clarify that I had thought the SW edition of the game was going to be called The World of Broadsword, considering it will be mostly setting material (with some rules additions).

Personally, I think The World of Broadsword is the better title. To me, it's more evocative. Legends of Steel does not necessarily say swords & sorcery to me and there are so many uses of Steel already in other game titles. GURPS Reign of Steel, which is about a future controlled by AI computers.

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