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Legends of Steel- Savage Worlds Edition.
The art is paid for!
The map and cover are done!
Playtest reports have been reviewed and are favorable!

So where the hell is it?

I need to come up with a couple of one shot adventures (we used the adventures from Broadsword during the playtest).
And I want to beef up a couple of Nation and region descriptions.

But the thing that really got me thinking is whether or not I want to invest in my own site and sell it through there or go through RPGNow.

After the release of World of Broadsword I ended up getting a return of about 30% after all was said and done. Which was okay. But my investment so far in LoS has been quite a bit more than it was for Broadsword. And while I don't have any illusions about getting rich, I would like to be able to recoup some of the money I put into LoS in order to fund future efforts like Hador, Mission: Adventure! and Aurora.

Would having my own storefront be a better way to go?
is it a hassle or a cost efficient option?
first off I'm gonna need a better website, my current one sucks eggs.

the possible tax things don't bother me as it's my intention to file as a sole proprietorship in '09 anyway.

My customer base is small enough that I'm pretty sure I can rely on word of mouth, blog and forum posts and hopefully good reviews to get as much exposure as I need.

So that's what I'm struggling with now - the risk and hassle vs. the rewards of having my own storefront.


Obviously I know squat about business, but wouldn't it be best to punt out LoS though RPGnow first, generate some buzz and reviews and then set up your own storefront?

Obviously send a copy to The Game's The Thing, the most Savage-friendly podcast, and hopefully Pinnacle will plug it on their website (don't know how that works).

Then get all your buddies with blogs etc to pimp it.

Goes without saying that if you have an advert or some such I'll slap it on HeroPress with a link, but hopefully people with more blog traffic with me will step up as well... getting a review posted though the RPGBloggers Network would generate a lot of interest as well.

Good cover. Action and strange beings. A good combo.

I don't know what the financial requirements for selling through RPGnow are, but wouldn't it be best to sell it in as many places as possible?

In general, you want to get a product into as many stores as possible.

If it were me, I'd certainly have my own site and sell it there, as well as RPGnow, drivethrustuff, and wherever else I could put it.

That's hot!

I have no real advice on your dilemma. It might be easier than you think to set up a store via your blog.

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