Oh what a difference!  

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Even though the map I did for World of Broadsword got the job done and admittedly had a bit "Old School" flavor I really wanted something with a more professional look. Here is my version on Hexmapper:

Keith just sent me a rough proof of the style he will be using for Erisa.

What a difference.
The decision to go with a professionally rendered map was a right one. So was the choice of Cartographer.

Color me happy.


Wow! That is some difference (and, like you, I thought your Hexmapper version was good.

If only we all had access to someone as talented as Keith to design our maps for us :-)

Looks like things are already heading in the right direction!

Simply beautiful.
What software are you using?
Is this done with ProFantasy's Campaign Cartographer?

I really need to know what mapping program you are using. I am in the middle of world creation myself, and the p&p is making my fingers cramp. If it is CC3, do you know of a program that is easier to learn?

Sorry I really have no idea.
the map is done by Keith Curtis.
you can contact him via his website. there is a link to it on the sidebar of this Blog.

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