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Posted by Jeff M

Writing, writing, writing
I have been working steadily on not only "Legends of Steel-Savage Edition", but also on "The Lost World of Hador" and "Mission: Adventure!" Legends of Steel- Savage Edition will be the first release, but sometimes I run out of fuel for one specific genre which is when I switch out and start working on another. It helps me keep things fresh. I have about an hour a day at work, and maybe two hours at night for writing- not much but with work, family, etc. It's all I can afford. I would love to be doing this full time but until the book deals and movie offers start coming in…

The great thing is that the news of the Savage Worlds open license has given me a real boost of energy to get these projects out the door. If all goes as planned, I should be able to release at least three different lines of adventures in a short period of time, after those three are released I have a few more on the drawing board to get ready. I'm finding that switching everything over to the Savage Worlds system isn't exactly a cake walk. It's doable, but there are rules and conventions that need to be adhered to.

Map Maker, Map Maker, make me a map
Professional Illustrator Keith Curtis will be assuming chief cartographer duties for Legends of Steel. Keith is an experienced illustrator in the gaming market and has worked for everyone from WOTC to Hero Games. He will be taking the World of Broadsword map that I created and buffing it up considerably. The finished world will be known as "Erisa" and serve as the "official" campaign map for both The World of Broadsword and Legends of Steel.

Creating covers
Jeremy Mohler is currently working on several concept covers for Legends of Steel. I should have some sketches this week that incorporate some of the ideas he and I have been kicking around.


Good luck with all the projects. It's nice to know your work is appreciated, but it would be nice for the good money to follow. I'm still in the just knowing my work is appreciated stage. And sometimes not even that.

Having worked with Keith in the past, let me say: he's the best. He's an amazing talent and you won't be (at all) unhappy you got him.

Big fan of your old Blog - looking forward to this one too (you do know how to brighten a guy's Wednesdays).

Andy Mathews (Hero Games)

Whoo-hooo! It's a new evil-blog!

Good luck on the future endeavors, my friend. You can be sure I'll be following the progress.

And BTW - what's a guy got to do to get a copy to review of The World of Broadsword?

I'd love to see Mission:Adventure use the Savage Worlds system. My favorite RPG for one of my favorite genres. I've been wanting to do a Jonny Quest game, and recently I've been reading the Modesty Blaise reprint books. Excellent sixties action!

Good luck with your writing.

Thank you Charles. I'm jus hoping to recoup my investment. Ha!

Glad you enjoy the Blog Andy. And yes I'm really impressed with Keiths work. He sent me a teaser proof today of my map and I got chills.

Dane- send me your Email address and I'll set you up with a review copy.

Hey Scott I've been on a Venture brothers kick myself, I also picked up a slew of Jonny Quest comics and the new Captain Action comic from Moonstone (the guys who do the Phantom) so i've got plenty of research material, now all I need it more hours to work on it all.

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